Operational Translation Process

To minimize the chances of an error or omission in language or information, AW Holding requires that four pairs of expert eyes look at all texts; Translator, Reviewer, Proofreader and QA.

Every one of these specialists is a professional translator, a native speaker of the target language with a high degree and experience in the appropriate industry. Any differences of opinion among these linguists will be discussed with the translation project manager, who may then ask for the client’s opinion, if necessary.

For larger projects, when more than one translator is working on a document at a given time, an additional translator will act as Editor-in Chief responsible for all final edits on the document to ensure consistency in terms of style and jargon throughout the life cycle of the translation project.

Operational Translation Steps

Analysis of the text to be translated.
Categorize tasks as Normal or Legal.
Detailed proposal with prices and delivery times
Using the client's preferred terminology, instructions or any provided references: glossaries, previously translated documents.
To provide internal instructions and plan for translators by Team Manager
Proofreading and quality control
Sending inquiries to clients if necessary.
Delivery of the translation with notes, if any.
Modifications and changes are made to the translation, if requested.

Translation Process