Media Translation Service

At AW Holding, we’ve developed remarkable skills in media translation, we offer Professional Subtitling Services, voice over and dubbing, video translation, and consecutive interpretation. We are fully aware of the importance of media translation services for all industries, and how it can create a transitional phase in any field.

Voice over and dubbing

Voice over and dubbing of videos is essential for high engagement of the viewers in a language that they can easily understand and relate to. Experienced translators at AW Holding are of great expertise and can provide high-quality voice-over, voiceover translation services, along with dubbing services for your videos, to greatly increase viewers’ engagement and interaction.

Subtitling Translation

Subtitling services at AW Holding are more than just translating the content; Our professional translators make sure that the subtitling translation is clearly understood according to different cultural aspects by using simple language, idioms, and expressions used in the specific language of translation, to meet all cultural differences.

Voice over Translation

Voice over of non-spoken parts in videos or documentaries for example, is very crucial to grab the attention of the viewers and help them understand the scenes of a video in a clearway. With years of experience, linguists at AW Holding provide the best scripts, to catch the eye of the audience. Language experts at AW Holding offer professional and high-quality voice-over translation services.

Video translation

Nowadays, almost every video requires video translation services or video voice over translation in multiple languages, so that viewers can clearly understand the goal of the content of the video in their own language. Thus, opening to different cultures and gain knowledge about multiple fields through videos in other languages, other than their native one.

Reliable, Proficient & Accurate Translation

We provide professional translation services in Dubai and on a global scale to 150+ countries that are based on information sharing and communicative advances generating distinctively reliable results. Our translation services are proficient, accurate, and certified>