Translation Services

Delivering every message meant in context is our highest priority in our professional translation services. With a comprehensive and inclusive approach to translating all client’s requirements we use the most advanced and innovative technology to get the job done right.

Document Translation

Translation of documents is such a sensitive process that requires high attention to detail and efficiency. Our document translation services are thorough and accurate in reflecting all original documents’ meanings, context and style.

Certified Translation

Certified translation is a specialized service that provides accurate and reliable translations of documents for legal, business or personal use. With 26+ years’ experience of operating in the United Arab Emirates, the production of high-quality translation in Dubai for various industries is a strong virtue of AW’s Professional Translation services. Our experienced translators have the necessary qualifications to provide certified translations in a variety of languages with fast turnaround times at competitive rates. All our certified translation services come with an officially signed statement confirming accuracy and authenticity.

Specialized Translation

At AW Professional Translation Services, we excel in providing high-quality specialized translation services to meet the needs of our clients. We understand the importance of accuracy when it comes to translating documents or texts between different languages, which is why we take great care when handling each project. With our commitment to excellence, it is guaranteed that our translations will be handled with precision and professionalism every time.

Book Translation

Words have the power to impact and influence lives. That is why it is absolutely crucial to make sure such words are accessible to everyone seeking them, no matter what language they speak. Creative writing is the foundation of a trusted translation of any book. Our book translation services are done with agility and high cultural sensitivity to capture the essence of the author’s words and the messages originally meant to be conveyed to the readers.

Reliable, Proficient & Accurate Translation

We provide professional translation services in Dubai and on a global scale to 150+ countries that are based on information sharing and communicative advances generating distinctively reliable results. Our translation services are proficient, accurate, and certified>