Localization Translation Service

We are experts in providing specialized translation in several languages and using all CAT tools with a great focus on different industries including IT, computing & software, systems, and user interfaces.

Website Localization

We don’t provide a mere website translation into another language, but our expert translators introduce companies to the outside world by customizing a localized environment among the website theme and images giving website users a complete and integrated experience.

Software Localization

Meanings, experiences, and even design can be lost in the translation of a software from one language to the other without keeping linguistic and cultural factors in mind. From internalization to testing, our Software Localization services are done with quality integrated into every stage of the process.

App Localization

With the number of worldwide smartphone users estimated at 7 billion by 2023, mobile applications have to travel far and wide by resonating with the users’ mother language, culture, and local trends. In our App Localization services, we adapt your application with every factor that contributes to the user’s satisfaction using industry-specialized resources.

Game Localization

A game’s features are built with complex and countless characters to deliver an immersive experience to the user. If such features are to go viral over the internet to users all over the world, ensuring that they are translated with consideration to every cultural difference is important. Game Localization is the process of translating any game to the global market with high linguistic quality.

User Manual Localization

We consider localizing user manuals is an important part of providing a great customer experience by which companies can ensure that their users are receiving the best possible information in their own language and cultural context. This helps to reduce confusion and frustration, increase satisfaction with the product or service being provided, and ultimately leads to increased sales for the company. That is why we make sure such unique service is part of the localization services we provide in AW Professional Translation services.

Reliable, Proficient & Accurate Translation

We provide professional translation services in Dubai and on a global scale to 150+ countries that are based on information sharing and communicative advances generating distinctively reliable results. Our translation services are proficient, accurate, and certified>