Interpretation Translation

Globalization should not be hindered by language barriers which is a very common occurrence in conferences, live interactions and voice calls if the language spoken is not common for the two parties interacting. We offer interpretation services for all engagements to make sure a company’s voice reaches all its audience.

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive interpretation allows for communication between two or more parties who do not share a common language. It involves the interpreter listening to one speaker at a time and then repeating what has been said in another language. This ensures accurate, real-time translation of complex conversations and presentations, enabling participants to understand each other better and communicate effectively without any hindrance due to language barriers.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is a specialized skill that involves the real-time translation of spoken language from one language to another. It requires an advanced level of linguistic proficiency and knowledge in order to accurately convey the message without any loss in meaning or context. Our team consists of experienced interpreters who have been trained and certified by leading organizations, ensuring you receive top quality simultaneous interpretation services every time.

Phone Interpretation

We provide high-quality professional over-the-phone interpretation (OPI) services to meet your language needs. Our experienced interpreters are available in a wide range of languages and specialize in providing instant interpretations for business meetings, professionals on hand 24/7, you can rest assured knowing that your conversations will be interpreted accurately no matter where or when they take place. conferences and other events. We understand the importance of clear communication between different cultures and strive to ensure that all parties involved are able to understand each other effectively. With our dedicated team of

Conference Service Interpretation

Our conference service interpretation team is comprised of highly experienced and certified interpreters who are well-versed in a variety of languages. We provide professional, accurate, and reliable interpreting services to bridge the language barrier between our clients and their target audiences. Our interpreters have extensive experience working with international organizations, government agencies, corporations as well as private individuals for conferences or meetings all over the world. With an unwavering commitment to excellence in customer service excellence we are dedicated to helping you reach your goals by providing precise interpretations that enable effective communication across cultures.

Video Remote Interpretation

Video Remote Interpretation (VRI) is an innovative technology that provides real-time language interpretation services over the internet. Our VRI services enable two people who do not share a common spoken language to communicate with each other effectively and efficiently. It allows for fast, convenient access to professional interpreters without having them physically present in the same room or location as the parties communicating. This cutting-edge technology can be used for medical consultations, legal meetings, business negotiations and more – making it a great solution for any situation where communication between individuals of different languages is needed.

Sign Language

Sign language is an incredibly important part of our world. It provides a way for people who are deaf or hard of hearing to communicate with others in their native language, as well as providing them access to the same information that those who are not deaf have. Our sign language interpreting services adhere to the precise needs of signing if your organization, office, facility, or events need to provide equal access to information for all individuals regardless of their health and physical conditions. This service opens up new opportunities for communication and understanding among different groups of people from around the globe.

Interpretation equipment

  • Stage design
  • Posters design
  • Silent Booth
  • CCU, Transmitter, Radiators
  • Bosch, I Desk Microphone
  • IR Receivers
  • Headsets according to the number for attendees
  • Interpreters – different languages
  • Technician

Reliable, Proficient & Accurate Translation

We provide professional translation services in Dubai and on a global scale to 150+ countries that are based on information sharing and communicative advances generating distinctively reliable results. Our translation services are proficient, accurate, and certified>