Be it instigating transactions, building relationships or conveying technical industry-specific terminology and messaging, language and accurate communication is a critical starting point to the success of any corporate venture – that’s where AW PTS comes in with a suite of solutions and professionals to support every requirement.
  • Undisputed credibility with Sworn Legal Translators certified by Governments and Ministries of Justice around the world
  • Direct support from technical and subject matter experts
  • End-to-end value-added services and solutions
  • 134,000+ pages/year with industry-leading satisfaction ratings
All of these holistic corporate solutions are also offered by AW Holding INT’L in the international market, featuring a network that covers over 150 countries. As a global company, these services are not only offered in our regional branches but also stretches towards the international market, through AW Cross Border Center, featuring a network that covers over 150 countries.