With 27+ years of experience, AW Holding INT’L is a leader in B2B debt collection and other various financial services that work on helping corporations reach their maximum potential using the best practices locally and globally.

Our expertise stretches to competent debt management, legal debt settlement, credit risk advisory, business advisory and risk management, professional translation, and cross-border services for an international reach.

AW Holding about us - Vision


To continue redefining corporate excellence and lead the credit trade industry not only in the GCC & MENA region but worldwide in order to contribute to global economic growth that benefits generations to come.


Challenge what is deemed impossible in the corporate world by upholding the highest standards of work ethics, creating new tools and standards that cater to emerging market needs and corporates’ requirements, and delivering excellence and world-class quality across every detail of our business.
AW Holding - about - Mission
about us - Code-Of-Conduct

Code Of Conduct

Our aim is to help steer corporates and their businesses in the right direction and propel them to a level of excellence that achieves their greatest goals and ambitions. On this journey to corporate success, AW HOLDING INT’L will always uphold the AW Code of Conduct.

  1. We will always be governed by honesty, fairness, legality, ethics and integrity in all dealings.
  2. We will never provide false information or mislead clients in any manner especially regarding data protection and confidentiality.
  3. We will always make exceptional quality of work our priority.
  4. We will always adhere to applicable local laws, customs, and traditions.
  5. We will never accept any form of bribery and corruption.
  6. We will always take responsibility for our actions and outcomes.
  7. We will always maintain clear, effective policies/procedures while monitoring compliance through conflict checks.

As assets of AW HOLDING INT’L, we live, work and collaborate by this Code every single day. This is the AW HOLDING INT’L PROMISE

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