Issue 1 - Awakenings

Our very first newsletter is written with passion to share the inspirational and positive spirit of AW Holding across our domestic and global network. The months of January, February, and March were full of great achievements of the teams, and joyful events.

Issue 2 - New Horizons

Interesting insights, inspiring words, memorable moments, and remarkable achievements are everything our newsletter is about! Fueled by passion, AW Holding INT'L news and exciting events from all marketplaces around the globe are now out in a special edition.

Issue 3 - Rebranding Story

This edition of AW Holding INT'L newsletter is special as with the start of a prospective year, we share our updated corporate identity, an interesting take on World Mental Health day, new additions to the AW Holding family, celebrations, happy occasions, and more.
An Era of Digitalization

Issue 4 -An Era of Digitalization

Q1 2023 is concerned mainly with the Digital Transformation and evergreen technology which have been going on through AW Holding entity for the past year.
It shows a new era of digitalization from virtually connecting all marketplaces to sharing all our achievements.
AW News letter issue - 5

Issue 5 -Empowering Growth

Celebrating our team expansion and organizational development which empowers the growth of AW Holding INT'L through its marketplaces (AW United Arab Emirates, AW Oman, AW Cross Border Center, AW Egypt, and AW Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

Issue 6 - All-Star Squad

Spotlighting on our amazing employees and their outstanding contributions to AW Holding. We'll share stories about their accomplishments, passions, and what makes them an integral part of our team. We'll also keep you updated on the latest corporate news and announcements.
Newsletter title issue7

issue7 Enabling Financial Resilience

We're excited to share with you a recap of the incredible journey we've had in 2023. From achieving milestones in debt collection and legal Debt Settlements to making significant strides in Cross Border Center, it's been a year full of accomplishments!