AW UAE Debt Collection Service

We are pioneers in Debt Management who exclusively provide amicable B2B debt recovery to outstanding amounts regardless of the status it holds. With 27+ years of B2B debt recovery experience and accreditations by both the American and European Credit Management Associations.

As a B2B Debt Management agency in UAE, we understand the unique challenges that businesses face when it comes to manage and recover their debt. Our team of experienced B2B debt management professionals has the knowledge and expertise to help b2b businesses through their debt recovery and achieve long-term financial stability.

We work closely with our clients to develop a customized debt management plan that addresses Business specific needs and goals. We are developing debt recovery strategies that minimize the impact on business operations. With our b2b debt management service help, businesses can effectively manage its debt and focus on growing and thriving in today’s competitive marketplace.

At AW UAE debt collection agency, we provide numerous benefits for businesses facing challenges in recovering outstanding debts. Engaging our professional debt collection services allows businesses to focus on their core operations while leaving the task of recovering debts in the hands of our experienced professional debt management services team.

Debt Management Promise

AW Debt Management is more than just a leader in the category, we’re a partner that helps creditors and debtors around the world reach win-win situations.

  • Comply with EU, US, and all other international standards and policies in the debt collection industry.
  • Have a ‘No Win, No Fee’ policy.
  • Hold a 45% – 55% success rate for more than 160,000 cases handled per year.
  • Operate with competitive fees in the market.
  • Offer complimentary expert consultation and ‘next-steps’ planning

Debt Management Process

  • Case Assignment.

    Operations receives cases, logs them into the system, and assigns them to the Collections Department within two working days.
  • Careful Analysis.

    The collection team starts with a careful analysis of the debtor’s situation by gathering background info on them and studying the case.
  • Communication.

    The collection team then follows an effective collection procedure that starts with contacting the debtor via outbound calls, letters, messages, emails, field visits, etc. to clearly communicate the debt amount, status, and creditor details.
  • Field Visits.

    Field visits are then conducted for significant cases by our in-house field visit team. Such visits can also be nationwide through our international partners in most parts of the world.
  • Reporting & Plan Formation.

    Within 15 days after the first approach, an initial report is prepared and submitted to the client. The report contains details of the progress made, debtor feedback, and the settlement plan.
  • Case Escalation.

    A second field visit is conducted by a different senior collector in case the debtor failed to respect the settlement plan and dates set.
  • Pre-Legal Negotiation.

    As a final pre-legal negotiation technique and to exert further pressure, in case the amicable phase is not successful, the debtor receives a legal notice with the client’s consent to proceed.

AW UAE Debt Management