The hands-on experience we possess and the best practices that we use in offering Credit Risk Advisory specialized and efficient solutions enable us to sail uncharted waters with agility and probity. Be it surviving defaults, avoiding defaults, or simply needing an advanced suite of credit management solutions, AW Oman Credit Risk Advisory follows a boutique consultancy approach that is aimed at addressing business needs, identifying risks and opportunities, and offering corporates end-to-end support.

At AW Oman, we provide credit risk advisory services in Oman to help businesses manage their credit risk and maintain their financial stability. Our team of credit risk management service professionals has the expertise to evaluate credit risk and develop risk mitigation strategies.

At AW Oman, Our Credit risk advisory services offers a range of benefits for businesses, including reduced risk of default, improved cash flow, protection of credit ratings, and lower operating costs. By managing credit risk effectively, businesses can maintain their financial stability, avoid any legal action, and protect their reputation.

At AW Oman, we understand that every business is unique, we work with businesses to develop credit risk management strategies that meet every business specific needs. We use a data-driven approach to evaluate credit risk, and our professional credit risk advisory team of professionals are skilled in developing and implementing risk mitigation strategies that help businesses.

Credit Risk Advisory Promise

  • The use of cutting-edge, specialized solutions that tackle modern credit issues.
  • Supporting corporates in mitigating risks, identifying root causes, and achieving state-of-the-art credit functions that are long-lasting in the Business Risk Advisory process.
  • Complimentary expert consultation and due diligence revolutionizing companies’ credit efficiency.
  • 27 years of unconventional in-depth industry experience in the region and globally.
  • Offering services for a transparent and competitive fee in the market

Credit Risk Advisory Products

Credit Function Set-up

Credit Risk Modelling

End-to-end Corporate Credit Risks Management Approach

Loan Review

As the business environment in AW Holding continues to expand, it pays to have a partner like AW Business Advisory & Risk Management that helps corporates stay focused on their core business while keeping an eye on the bigger picture, identifying risks, and devising time- and cost-effective strategies that safeguard the operation for the long-term.

AW Oman Credit Risk Advisory