At AW KSA, our Legal Debt Settlement (LDS) service is effective, transparent, and reliable. As LDS is growing to be a global demand to increase the success rate of debt collection cases, we at AW KSA have incepted a first-of-its-kind holistic model that seamlessly integrates Debt Management, Credit Opinion, and Risk Advisory.

Legal Debt Settlement Promise

  • The expertise of in-house business-oriented lawyers and consultants that not only specialize in international law but also the complexities of Legal Debt Settlement.
  • The 85% – 93% success rate the model holds for all handled cases.
  • A dedicated team of legal experts and corporate lawyers specialized in Legal Debt Settlement who diligently work on the cases.
  • The comprehensive support from a team of 50+ staff members which includes our registered partner law firms’ lawyers in the GCC & MENA region.

Legal Debt Settlement Process

  • Legal debt collection experts and business-oriented lawyers are assigned the case.
  • The Legal Debt Recovery department starts investigation to achieve results.
  • The Legal Debt Collection Counsel is assigned uncollected cases.
  • Relationship Managers are involved for court event reporting and following up on cases’ progress.
  • Complimentary legal consultation and due diligence are provided.
  • Innovative solutions pre, during and post litigation are maintained.
  • Systematic and transparent reporting are ensured throughout the entire process.

Strongly believing that credit has no borders and should defaulters flee the country, we are equipped to save corporates the hassles and risks of International Debt Settlement and defaulter tracing through AW Cross Border Services featuring a network that covers 150+ countries. In the simplest forms, we don’t give up until the debt is settled!

AW KSA Legal Debt Settlement