AW KSA Business Advisory & Risk Management’s aim is to enhance lives and optimize business by combining ethics, innovation, and quality to deliver exceptional results. As a pioneering partner with 27+ years of unconventional experience in the region, AW KSA BARM has provided comprehensive and tailored consultancy solutions to top-tier corporates in a variety of industries.

AW KSA’s Business Advisory & Risk Management services are carried out with the due diligence we are committed to in the complimentary expert consultation that comes with all of our services. Using innovative tools and best-in-class practices we produce time-effective strategies tailor-made for every business need for transparent fees.

Business Advisory and Risk Management

Business Advisory & Risk Management Promise

  • Purpose-built to optimize operations from the inside-out.
  • Solutions are specifically tailored to each industry and region.
  • Supported by world-class experts that deliver results.
  • Powered by industry-leading privacy protocols and data protection technology.
  • Keen on complying to social responsibility and strict ethical adherences.
  • Knowledge sharing and progress reporting.

Business Advisory & Risk Management Process

  • Cases are handled with a 360-degree approach for an end-to-end satisfaction.
  • AW Holding INT’L holistic end-to-end corporate solutions and marketplaces are seamlessly linked by following a synergistic model.
  • A compliance officer is assigned to every case to certify alignment with international ethics standards.
  • Dedicated Relationship managers follow up for a transparent, step-by-step reporting of cases.

AW KSA Business Advisory & Risk Management