As a b2b business, there are various ways of encouraging your customers to pay you on time. However, despite your best efforts, you may find that some still end up paying late. To recover debts from companies that are delaying or refusing to pay, many businesses take help from debt collection companies. Assisted by debt recovery companies, businesses can potentially salvage the dues owed to them, thus avoiding the unfortunate necessity of writing it off as a bad debt.

What Is a Debt Collection Agency?

A third-party entity known as a debt collection agency specializes in assisting businesses with recovering overdue payments. In situations where a customer has failed to settle their account for several months, some companies may opt to engage the services of a debt collection agency to enhance their chances of recovering delayed debts. This can be a useful resource for businesses struggling to collect payments directly from their clients.

In this approach, debt collection services with experience in debt recovery can increase the possibility that an organization will get paid for its obligations.

Advantages of Hiring a B2B Debt Collection Agency:

Every aspect of this planet has advantages and disadvantages. Some claim that using a debt collection firm is expensive and leads to a tarnished image for failing to collect due payments. Others, though, might disagree and contend that it is an economical solution.

Faster Debt Recovery Rates:

Debt Agencies use predictive analytics to identify highest recovery potential accounts and optimize allocation of resources. This leads to higher recovery rates upwards of 70% versus 40-50% with in-house efforts. Debt recovery firms also have:

  • Specialized skills in negotiations, legal understanding, and ethical coercion lead to more accounts settled favorably.
  • Access to credit reporting data provides insights for structuring offers and payment plans.
  • Automated collection workflows ensure consistent and thorough follow-up on each account. Less fall through the cracks.
  • Legal expertise and lack of emotional connection accelerate litigation when needed.

Consistent Business Revenues:

Faster settlement of past-due accounts accelerates cash inflows for the business. This bolsters available working capital. Essentially, outsourced debt collection services improve the speed, size, and predictability of cash inflows for the following reasons:

  • Reduction in bad debt write-offs improves net profits and cash from operations.
  • By freeing up staff from collections, more focus can go towards revenue generating activities with positive cash flow impact.
  • Tighter delayed sales outstanding (DSO) and improved working capital metrics make the business more attractive for financing if needed.

Reduced Debt Reclaim Costs:

B2b debt collection company fees are usually less than 50% of the recovered debts. This is far less than the cost of dedicating in-house staff to collections. For small businesses, outsourcing provides cost-effective instant access to debt collection capabilities, in addition to:

  • No need to hire, train, or manage internal collectors so less HR overhead.
  • Reduced operating expenses by eliminating costs of collection tools, technologies, licenses, etc.
  • Debt agencies achieve economies of scale that lower costs due to high volumes handled.
  • The outsourced variable cost model means you only pay fees on recovered amounts.

Moreover, outsourcing to a b2b debt recovery company reduces legal risks and preserves customer relationships.

Because debt agencies maintain expertise in all applicable regulations to ensure compliant practices, this prevents potential lawsuits or penalties that improper in-house collections could trigger.

Using a neutral third party also shields the vendor-client relationship from potential damage caused by a business directly hounding customers for payment repeatedly. The customer instead works with the agency to resolve debts, allowing the original business relationship to continue constructively.

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