Accumulation of bad debts often leads to significant financial stress. When it comes to recovering these debts, many companies opt for debt settlement as a viable solution. This process involves the debtor making a single lump sum payment, typically an amount lower than the original debt. In order to proceed with debt collection, businesses need to choose a reputable debt collection company in Egypt.

The question then arises – how does one select the right agency for debt recovery? Among the abundance of companies offering debt management services, businesses should consider a few key factors before making their decision. It is crucial to pick a top-rated company that can effectively assist in reclaiming the debt.

1/ Research the Debt Collection Company Profile:

Before making any decisions, it is important to thoroughly research the company. Ask about key metrics like debt recovery rates, customer retention levels after collections, dispute rates, etc. These indicate effectiveness.

The research should also include reviewing their history, services, client feedback, and current reputation. Pay close attention to customer evaluations, as they will provide insight into the company’s past interactions with clients and help determine if they can be trusted.

2/ Do They Have Certified Attorneys?

One of the most critical aspects of the debt recovery process is having skilled professionals who can effectively negotiate with your debtors. Prior to choosing a debt collection agency, ensure that they have certified counselors who possess the necessary expertise and counseling abilities. These professionals will be responsible for persuading the debtors to pay all (or most) of the amount owed, so their skills are essential for a successful negotiation.

3/ Do They Offer Comprehensive Solutions?

When selecting a debt collection services, you should evaluate what services they offer like letters, calls, leg service, etc. Make sure serviceve capabilities matching your needs.

In addition, consider their ability to provide convenient and comprehensive solutions. As someone already dealing with delayed receivables, you need a company that understands your situation and can offer all the necessary services conveniently. Look for a business that takes the time to assess and comprehend your financial condition. By offering all services under one roof, the chosen business can simplify and streamline the debt recovery process for you.

4/ Vet Collection Practices:

When vetting a debt collection agency’s practices, request to review their policies and procedures for collections calls, letters, legal action, etc. Review for ethical conduct. Make sure they comply with regulations like international and state laws to avoid illegal practices. Ask how they work with customers to reach mutually agreeable repayment arrangements.

Look for patient, non-aggressive approaches. Learn how they validate and document debts to avoid misdirected collection efforts. Evaluate their processes for keeping accounts in-house vs legal forwarding. Ensure alignment with your risk appetite. Finally, review dispute and complaint processes. Look for a commitment to fair, transparent resolution practices.

5/ Compare the Payment Methods:

To compare the charges for debt recovery, ask about fee options, contingent fees (percentage of recovered debt), flat fees, or hybrid models. Understand all fee components, account setup, technology, legal forwarding, etc. No hidden costs.

Ask about performance guarantees or money-back provisions in case recovery falls short. Additionally, negotiate rates based on projected recovery amounts. The more they recover, the more they earn.


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6/ Evaluate Security and Technology:

When going into the debt collection process, your business and personal information must be in safe hands. Therefore, ensure the agency operates a robust data security, encryption, access controls, security audits, and cyber insurance. Make sure technology meets legal compliance standards for data tracking and reporting.

Probably the debt agency leverage AI and analytics to maximize automation and efficiency. Check for integration capabilities with your internal systems like ERPs. It is useful to ensure omni-channel collections – phone, email, text, and letters.

How AW Egypt Debt Collection Agency Can Help?

If your business is in need of debt settlement, AW Egypt provides highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, as well as financial advisors. From the inception to the final resolution of your debt, we can support you by representing you before the debtors. Our certified counselor will negotiate with your debtors to reclaim as much as possible of the outstanding balance with their agreement. Our easily accessible debt collection services are designed to aid you in recovering your funds.

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