Skip Tracing


Are you looking for someone who need to resolve outstanding obligations. ? At Al Wadi ,we make it possible to find debtors whereabouts with the help of our most efficient investigative professionals.


Skip tracing, a method of locating borrowers in order to collect on their account, is a critical tool for professionals who need to resolve the outstanding  obligations.  Effective skip tracing is an art.

Skip tracing is performed by collecting as much information as possible about the Debtor. The information is then analyzed, reduced, and verified. Sometimes the subject’s current whereabouts are in the data,

but are obfuscated by the sheer amount of information or disinformation. Often, the job becomes more than mere research since one must often employ methods of social engineering, which involves calling or

visiting former neighbors, or other known contacts to ask about the subject, sometimes under false or misleading pretenses.

At Al Wadi we just don’t visit the subjects given address, our specialized field officers run a detailed check about the debtor’s whereabouts in the complete locality of the given address. All the observations are jotted down accurately for further investigation. This is what separates data gatherings from simple reporting.

Most people have grown accustomed to searching on Google for certain keywords; The nearest movie, a phone number, for pizza shop etc .In Al Wadi we drill even deeper into the web-tools that go farther than

the standard search. Our experts obtain more information of the debtor like current employer, current salary, Current Visa Validity, Court judgment,  using the online government/non-government portal’s.

When you combine the above techniques it makes it nearly impossible for skips to escape your reach.