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The “ spirit of union “ symbolizes the 2nd of December 1971 which was a glory day when the seven Emirates got united under one flag to form United Arab Emirates . ALWADI Holding Int’l is celebrating the 43rd anniversary of this glory day at the Head office Dubai,

UAE National Day

UAE National Day 2014


It was our privilege to receive our TCM partner Ms. Laila Saleh, Eqypt Director/shareholder & TCM Group Board Member and share our ideas and reflections on how our alumnae can influence the future business scope particularly in the GCC/MENA regions.

It was also an opportunity for Mr. Ayman Al Wadi , Our Group Executive Chairman and Sharholder of TCM to gift Ms. Laila ,the book of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum “My Vision Challenges in the Race for Excellence “

This unique book has personally inspired Mr. Ayman and he has also been instrumental in providing an opportunity to the team at ALWADI to learn from the Great Arab Leader. This book is a quick illumination and

gives insights into the vision for leadership, management , excellence and future challenges.



Mr. Khalid Muna from Union Law Firm, our Jordanian Partner visited us recently.

Excerpts from the visits and the business discussion meet held at our Head Office – Dubai UAE with our Group Executive Chairman Mr. Ayman Al Wadi and Cross Border Leader Mr. Syed Abbas



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