Client Stories

“My investment portfolio was facing declining returns and I was having trouble honoring my debts and financial obligations – which left me in trouble with the bank. However, after my free consult visit to ALWADI Debt Management, I not only gained top-of-the-line legal representation and financial advisory, I gained a valued partner who managed to negotiate my obligations and fines down to a reasonable settlement. And by rescheduling my debt payments, they allowed me the flexibility to pay them off in a manageable fashion.”

Jessica Morrison, Investor.

“With respect to advertising, I see a huge shortage of talent when it comes to translating creative concepts, texts and PR articles from one language to another without compromising linguistic meanings and plays on words. That’s why I was pleasantly surprised with the work presented by ALWADI Translation Services. Not only was the pricing flexible and straightforward, but the translators managed to interpret the text for our ad campaign within record time and without compromising the idea.”

Rafi Haddad, Creative Director at a multinational advertising agency.

As a Managing Director in a major corporation, I place a great amount of importance on minimizing risks as the company continues to pursue its goals. By enlisting in the consultation and in-house services of ALWADI Risk Management, we were given an in-depth analysis of our operational structure, which then helped us in consolidating our departments and moving forward with the company’s projected objectives.”

Ahmed Saadi, Managing Director.

“Due to the large size of our organization, our Legal Affairs department is quite expansive and the ever growing number of legal consultants and professionals working within this department has created numerous logistical and financial burdens for the organization. By working with ALWADI Legal Services affiliates, we were able to outsource the entire scope of work for our legal affairs. With their multifaceted knowledge and experience in a wide array of fields, ALWADI Legal Services affiliates were able to provide us with top notch service and expertise across all of our lines of business while saving us the cost of managing an in-house legal affairs department.”

Roberta Stevenson, Head of Operations at a multi-national holding company.